Will Bush Take Any Notice?

Today in hundreds of cities around the world, protesters marched against the morally bankrupt Bush regime and its plans to invade Iraq. In New York up to 400000 protesters packed First Avenue between 49th Street and 72nd Street despite the freezing weather and despite the police and the mayor trying to deter protesters from coming by banning a march from the United Nations to Central Park. In London over one million marchers packed Hyde Park and the streets in Britain's largest ever anti-war protest. In Melbourne over 150000 people marched to protest the Australian government's agreement to help the illegal US attack.

To a hard-bitten cynic like myself, this outpouring of passionate peace activism gives me hope. This is the greatest ever display of anti-war activism before any war has begun. But will it have any effect? Will Bush and his macho chest-thumping cronies take any notice?

I doubt it. In the UN on Friday the French gave a rousing presentation against the need for war which was met with applause from the diplomats. Colin Powell's speech was met with stony silence. But the US buildup in the Middle East still goes on. They are on a one-way road and there is too much testosterone flowing to turn back now.

Get ready for fireworks on CNN. I hope I'm wrong.

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