Permission from the UN?

In recent days it has been stated often by polling agencies and news broadcasters that a large percentage of people believe that the US should only attack Iraq if it has a second UN mandate. Does this mean that these "people" will accept US and British aggression against Iraq even though it is obvious that the US has been strong-arming and bribing UN Security Council countries to get the resolution it wants? Do these "people" believe that this form of "political debate" is a legitimate method to achieve consensus, especially when the outcome could mean the deaths of tens of thousands of people?

It seems that Bush and his cronies believe that the opinions of the world can be manipulated so easily (especially the US population). They understand that a UN resolution will give them some form of legitimacy with the world and they are working hard, by whatever means necessary, to get it.

However, based on all that has gone before, any resolution from the UN backing military action is going to be a sham perpetrated by US power and will have nothing to do with world opinion.

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