American contempt for the creation of alternatives to war

Some great articles appearing in todays papers. The first by James Carroll of the Boston Globe links the current US/Iraq crisis with the soon to be convened International Criminal Court.

In a second article, Robert Scheer of the LA Times, discusses the "link" between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Some choice comments from the piece:

"Hussein, himself evil in so many ways, is the secular apostate to the Islamic fundamentalist nuts that are behind our terror fears; that is precisely why the U.S. backed Iraq, nasty weapons and all, in its devastating war with fundamentalist Iran. This is all further evidence that the increasingly frenetic and discredited argument for preemptive war against Iraq is not based on a coherent policy." (emphasis mine)

but my favorite:

"Depressing as it is to acknowledge, it now seems clear we are witnessing the tantrum of a woefully untutored and inexperienced president whose willfulness rises in direct proportion to his inability to comprehend a world too complex for his grasp."

(Let me just say that I disagree with Scheer on his statement that attacking Afghanistan was justifiable - I don't think the thousands of innocent Afghani's killed by American bombs and troops would agree that their lives were so cheap - some reports suggest as many Afghans were killed as people in the WTC.)

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